Longrange interactions

Bad Honnef (Germany), October 25-27, 2017
651. WE-Heraeus Seminar

With this WE-Heraeus-Seminar we want to focus on the physics of longrange interacting systems (Coulomb, electric and magnetic dipole-dipole), strongly interacting systems (Rydberg atoms, unitary quantum gases), light mediated interactions (atoms in cavities) and gravitating systems. After three successful workshops in Stuttgart, Paris and Naples we now want to open the discussion for a broader audience and especially young researchers in this field are invited to join. We will upgrade some of the applicants to a 25 minute talk. 

The seminar is generously supported by the WE-Heraeus foundation.

Invited Speakers (accepted)

  • Danny Baillie (Otago)
  • Darrick Chang (ICFO)
  • Olivier Dulieu (Paris-Sud, Orsay)
  • Christoph Gohle (MPQ, Munich)
  • Gershon Kurizki (Weizman)
  • Tierry Lahaye (Institute d’Optique, Paliseau)
  • Ben Lev (Stanford)
  • Thomas Monz (Innsbruck)
  • Edvard Narevicius (Weizman)
  • Kang-Kuen Ni (Harvard)
  • Guido Pagano (JQI)
  • Tilman Pfau (Stuttgart)
  • Trey Porto (JQI)
  • Yevgeny Stadnik (Mainz)
  • Marianna Safronova (Delaware)
  • Franck Pereira dos Santos (Syrte, Paris)
  • Jeff Thompson (Princenton)
  • Hendrik Weimer (Hannover)
  • Stefan Willitsch (Basel)
  • Johannes Zeiher (MPQ, Munich)

Longrange interactions in the ultracold


  • Ultracold molecules
  • Rydberg atoms
  • Dipolar quantum gases
  • Coulomb potentials
  • Exotic interactions
  • Cavity mediated interactions
  • Resonant dipole-dipole interactions



Organizers:  Robert Löw, Antoine Browaeys & Francesca Ferlaino






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